Epic Protein : Real Sport | Premium Organic Superfood Plant Protein
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Epic Protein : Real Sport

Real Sport
Certified Organic    |    Free of all Additives, Gluten, Dairy & GMOs

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Epic Protein : Real Sport is a multi-source plant protein complemented by powerful fruits, herbs, spices and mushrooms that help speed up recovery time, promote strength and replenish your body. With a creamy and slightly sweet flavor accented by hints of banana and spice, it’s a smooth and delicious protein powder designed to maximize performance and enhance recovery!

• 24 g complete plant protein
• Smooth texture with slightly sweet flavor from heirloom red banana, ginger & coconut water
• Performance-boosting blend of turmeric, ashwagandha, tart cherry, reishi, chaga & more
• No “natural” flavoring, gums or additives
• Try each delicious Epic Protein flavor

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Ingredients: EPIC Protein Base (Yellow Pea, Sunflower Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Sacha Inchi, Cranberry Seed), Real Sport Blend (Coconut Water, Ginger Root, Tart Cherry, Acerola Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Turmeric Extract, Reishi, Chaga, Black Pepper Extract), Jerusalem Artichoke, Himalayan Pink Salt, Stevia Leaf








grain free


gluten free


nut free


The Benefits of Epic Protein

Complete Amino Acid Profile

Perfect Boost for Smoothies

Packed with Nutrient-Dense Plant Superfoods

Energizing & Satisfying

Builds Lean Muscle

Powerful Post-Workout Recovery Aid

No Weird Additives

100% Whole Food Nutrition