Plant-Based and Vegan Protein Powders

Epic Protein

Multi-Source Plant Proteins + Exotic Whole Superfoods

Epic Protein starts with our EPIC Blend of organic plant proteins, which are handpicked for their balanced and complete protein content, natural bioavailability and rich nutritional synergies. Powerful and exotic whole superfoods add an even deeper array of nutrients and a burst of real flavors, giving you a harmonious blend of silky smooth and delicious protein powder ideal for your healthy, active and fit lifestyle.


Simple Protein

Straightforward + Super Pure + Complete

Crafted for the purists at heart, Simple Signatures Plant-Based Protein is our approach to bringing you pure and powerful plant proteins that stand strong on their own. Adding carefully selected superfoods enhances the tasting experience and expands the nutritional profile, creating products that are delicious, nutritious and profoundly simple.

Simple Signatures Badge


Bioavailable Protein + Enzymatically Active Sprouts + Pure Whole Superfoods

Sproutein is a nutrient-dense protein superfood that combines ten carefully selected, freeze-dried seeds with multi-source protein and exotic superfoods. The unique blend of diverse ingredients provides superior plant-based protein empowered by an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, resulting in an ultra-clean and powerful whole food source of nutrition.


FD Sprout Mix

Freeze-Dried + Enzymatically Active

FD Sprout Mixes are derived through our unique process that starts by sprouting certified organic, non-GMO seeds in mineral-rich water and then freeze-drying them in order to lock in their essential nutrients and enzymes and extend shelf-life. The result is a supremely nutrient-dense, enzymatically active and bioavailable pure sprout powder that can be conveniently consumed in a variety of ways.