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Tim “VeganFatKid” Moore

Tim “VeganFatKid” Moore

Fitness Expert & Foodie

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand and now residing in Los Angeles, California, Tim Moore is the face of the online Instagram vegan food and fitness blog, “VeganFatKid.”

A lifetime of eating, and over 20 years of gym experience, with a background in being both fat and fit, VeganFatKid introduces his online audience to the latest in the LA vegan food scene, while promoting health, fitness and a plant-based diet to people wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

Adopting an “eat like you give a damn” approach to food has led to a “live like you give a damn” approach to life, and VeganFatKid is a staunch supporter of compassionate living through conscious eating. A better you can make for a better us and a more sustainable life for the planet.

With a growing audience hungry for the latest in vegan food and desiring a fitter, healthier lifestyle, VeganFatKid continues to “Eat his way through LA, so that you don’t have to!”

Happiness is on my menu – #CrushingIt
Get To Know Me
What first motivated you to pursue a healthier, cleaner diet?

After a visit to the Los Angeles County hospital waiting room I observed just how many of the patients had essentially “eaten themselves” into the hospital. The rate of high blood pressure, diabetes and other food related illnesses alarmed me and I realized that the sheer amount of chemicals and preservatives present in today’s food plays a large roll. “Real food” has been hijacked by large chemical companies and replaced by our new faux diets. I decided to be an active participant in my own (and others’) better health through nutrition and a plant-based, organic and chemical-free diet and lifestyle.

Pick six words to describe “healthy living”


If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite fruit and favorite vegetable and why?

Broccoli – amazing nutrition, delicious and great raw or cooked. Apples – convenient and sweet, make a great healthy dessert and keeping you from overeating. They also serve as an awesome replacement for sugars when baking.

Do you have a guilty pleasure food, and if so, what is it?

Definitely cereal – I crush all things granola and muesli! So delicious and comforting, probably with some childhood memories attached.

What type of physical activities do you participate in and why?

I’m an avid gym rat. I’ve been weight training since my teenage years and I’m currently working on my #365DayChallenge, where I train consecutively without a single rest day for a complete year. I’m currently on Day #308 (45 min weight training with 20 min cardio daily – No Matter What!)

What advice would you give to someone who is considering making positive changes to their diet, exercise regimen or lifestyle in general?

Don’t eat processed food. A good”rule of thumb is, if it’s in a package, don’t buy it. You want to shop the produce aisles at your supermarket and buy food as close to its natural state as possible. What you eat out is different than what you should bring home and keep in your kitchen. I may relinquish control and enjoy a restaurant meal now and then, but when it comes to stocking my refrigerator, I definitely have control over my nutrition and fill it with clean fruits and vegetables. I want to set myself up for success and not failure. The aim of exercise is to keep moving. Your body should be a reflection of an active lifestyle and not merely relying on workouts in a gym. Take the stairs, go for walks, utilize your physical environment to keep your body moving. I’m a big fan of walking as many errands as I can such as a trip to the bank, coffee shop, post office etc. Remember, your body responds to consistency and repetition. One big workout won’t make you fit and one big meal won’t make you fat.

Anything else important we should know about you or that you wanted to mention?

I love to do two things – Eat and Workout! – I’m a passionate vegan and a fitness enthusiast. Not only do I value the lives of all our fellow animals, I also love people and want to help them be the very best version of themselves through nutrition and the pursuit of an active lifestyle. I run an online Instagram food blog – VeganFatKid – where I travel all over Los Angeles introducing people to the very best in creative vegan eating. I love food!

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