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Shannon Hickman

Shannon Hickman

Another Hungry Vegan

Shannon is a designer, photographer, animal activist and a lover of all kinds of vegan food. She is passionate about finding creativity in preparing meals and being open to trying new plant-based foods whenever possible. Shannon’s blog, Another Hungry Vegan features recipes that have been tested on vegans and omnivores alike, and she makes an effort to use easy-to-find ingredients so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy them in their own home as well.

Get To Know Me
What motivated you to pursue a healthier diet?

When I first went vegan, it required me to read a lot of labels to make sure that nothing I was eating had animal products. Over time, it clicked with me that even many of the prepared vegan items had a long list of ingredients, and these products didn’t make me feel the best when I was consuming them on a regular basis. I’ve found that fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and most other healthy foods don’t even include an ingredient list. Not only does it save time by not having to read everything you put in your shopping cart, but it’s also a lot cheaper and easier to find healthier foods-no specialty stores or online shopping required!

What’s your go-to weekday/quick dinner?

We are finally getting over some colder temperatures in Colorado, so for a while I was making dishes like curries and soups and eating the leftovers throughout the week. Now that spring and summer are on their way, I can’t wait to start enjoying more salads!

How do you like to start each day?

My weeks can normally be pretty hectic, but I do like to start my weekends off with some coffee or tea, yoga and catching up on my reading. I really treasure my days off and try to take them as slowly and mindfully as possible.

Favorite chocolate treat?

I love to blend some frozen bananas with a little almond butter, a splash of water and your Epic Chocolate Maca protein, and then top it off with cacao nibs and fresh fruit. Banana ice cream is a tasty treat I can go for all year round!

How did you celebrate Earth Day this year?

I celebrated by drinking a large mason jar-sized green smoothie through my glass straw. I’m big on repurposing and buying as little plastic as possible. I also went for a nice long walk in the evening as the sun was setting, instead of staying in and using any extra electricity in my home.

What’s next for you?

I really want to be more active this year in my community by volunteering more. I just started a vegan dinner party in Denver called DEVOUR and a women’s networking group called Plant Babes Crew that I’m hoping can help unify the vegan community in our city. As always, I plan to continue to be active online and on social media, but it always a delight to meet likeminded people in-person!

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