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Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder : Natural

Sprouted Brown Rice : Natural
Certified Organic    |    Free of all Additives, Gluten, Dairy & GMOs
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  • 23 grams per serving of high quality, pure vegan protein.
  • Optimally dried for a silky smooth texture and natural semi-sweet taste.
  • Sprouted in order to complete amino acid profile and maximize bioavailability.
  • No “natural” flavoring, “other ingredients” or additives whatsoever.
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Simple Brown Rice Protein is an ultra-clean, plant-based protein that provides a complete spectrum of high quality amino acids, which are the most crucial elements for protein synthesis, muscle regeneration and growth, quick workout recovery and the development of lean body tissue. Completely gluten, soy and dairy free, organic brown rice protein is an excellent hypoallergenic source of protein for vegetarians, vegans, people with dietary sensitivities and anyone following an active and healthy lifestyle.

Organic Sprouted Brown Rice

How A Single Grain of Rice Turns Into A Complete Protein

Sensibly Sprouted

  • Completes Amino Acid Profile
  • Increases Digestibility
  • Enhances Bioavailability

Enzymatically Concentrated

  • Highly Correlated to Mother’s Milk
  • Provides a Balanced Ratio of BCAAs
  • High Absorption Rate for Maximum Benefit

Optimally Dried

  • Silky Smooth Texture
  • Naturally Semi-Sweet
  • Easily Dissolves in Water
Complete Protein Superfood

Organic Brown Rice Spotlight

Organic Brown Rice