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Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis

Raw Food Chef

Beginning at a young age Sarah was in the kitchen, propped up on a bar stool helping her mom throw in little ingredients. Throughout her life, food has always been a source of excitement and weakness. She was obese as a teenager when, after nearly losing one hundred pounds, her relationship and understanding of food was taken to the next level. She became immersed in the healthy-lifestyle culture, learning and pursuing the benefits of eating, cooking, and preparing organic and living foods.

She then began her culinary ambitions with a purpose and a dream; live healthy, live happy. Fascinated with baking and pastry arts, she attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School where she became a certified pastry chef. Simultaneously, her interest in raw and living foods peaked and she began researching, exploring, and investing in new ways to prepare and create raw food.

Her passion for healthy living, eating, and her formal training in the pastry arts inspired her to create OOH LA RAW, pure indulgences for an active, living lifestyle. Her creative spirit has led her to create, modify and invent new recipes that serve as a fresh perspective on “health food” and the perception of American cuisine.

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