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Nourished Body & Mind

Nourished Body & Mind

Joanne Schneider

Joanne Schneider, HHC, AADP, is a certified integrative nutrition coach and a raw food educator. She is the founder of Nourished Body & Mind, offering one-on-one health coaching, food prep classes and on-line programs that empower others to create a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Having personally overcome a severe case of hypoglycemia through a whole food diet, and later accelerating her own recovery from major surgery with a raw vegan diet, Joanne became passionate about teaching others how to do the same. She helps clients improve energy, lose weight, stabilize blood sugar and more. In addition to coaching, Joanne loves creating recipes as well as food photography.

Get To Know Me
What first motivated you to pursue a healthier, cleaner diet?

I became a vegetarian at 14 and really knew nothing about nutrition. In an attempt to avoid animal products I fell into a very unhealthy trap of eating an abundance of processed foods with lots of sugar. After several years of this pattern, I became quite ill and finally was diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia. Being put on a strict hypoglycemic diet led to my first “aha” moment. I felt so much relief so quickly that it totally changed my life. Gone were my headaches, mood swings and weight gain and I couldn’t believe how just changing my diet had fixed so many different parts of my everyday life. I became obsessed with learning everything that I could about nutrition and its effects on health and wellness.

Favorite fruit/vegetable?

Avocado is my hands down favorite food. I love all fruits and veggies, but avocado takes the lead. Its creamy texture makes it so versatile and its health benefits are legendary. Avocado has the best kind of healthy fat which, when added to smoothies or salads, helps to keep blood sugar even and keeps you feeling sated longer.

Favorite guilty pleasure food?

My favorite guilty pleasure food is probably my chocolate orange mousse: I love the creamy richness of the chocolate mixed with the brightness of fresh squeezed orange.

Favorite meal of the day?

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite meal of the day because I enjoy all my meals and they are all different. I rarely eat breakfast. I usually start my day with warm lemon water, followed by green juice and then mid to late morning, I’ll have a smoothie or smoothie bowl. Around the middle of the day, I make a soup, salad or a wrap filled with whatever local fresh organic fruits and veggies I have on hand. My evening meals vary depending on the season too, but are always plant-based and dairy free. I like to prepare several dishes on Sunday and have them ready to assemble for meals during the week when I have less time.

How do you like to start each day?

I start my mornings with a 20 minute meditation followed by a glass of warm lemon water and a 30-45 minute hike with my dog (Hugo). I cherish my mornings and rarely make early appointments. I prefer to work later when given the option.

Tell us about your upcoming e-book!

I am really excited to tell you a bit about the new e-book. Its in the works now so I can’t tell too much. Even the name is still being decided on. That said, the book is going to feature easy to replicate, super nutritious, raw vegan dishes. Everything from smoothies and soups to wraps and bowls and more. My clients, friends and followers want to eat a more healthy diet, but they don’t have time to spend hours every day in the kitchen. These recipes are tried and true, and will make prepping for and enjoying highly nutritious, delectable raw options easy! And there is even a recipe or two included from the fabulous celebrity chef Fransico Hernandez of Elizabeth’s Gone Raw fame!

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